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ishing boats and fishermen, illegally seizing and detaining Chinese fishermen, giving them inhumane treatment and robbing them of their property, the Philippines has gravely infringed upon the personal and ▓property safety and the dignity of Chinese fishermen and blatantly trampled on their basic human rights.iii. The Philippines also has territo▓rial pretensions on China’s Huangyan

Dao107. The Philippines also has territorial pretensions on China’s Huangyan Dao and attempted to occupy it illegally.108. Huangyan Dao is China’s inherent territory, over whi▓ch China has continuously, peacefully and effectively exercised sovereignty and jurisdiction.109. Before 1997, the Philippines had never challenged China’s sovereignty over Huangyan Dao, nor had it laid a▓ny territorial claim to it. On 5 February 1990, Philippine Ambassador to Germany Bienv▓enido A. Tan, Jr. stated in a letter to German HAM radio amateur Dieter Löffle▓r that, “According to the Philippine National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, the Scarborough Reef or Huangyan Dao does not fall within the territorial sovereignty of the Philippines.”110. A “Certification of Territorial Boundary of the Republic of t▓he Philippines”, issued by t

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he Philippine National Map▓ping and Resource Information Authority on 28 October 1994, stated that “the territorial boundaries and sovereignty of the Republic of the Philippines are established in Article III of the Treaty of Paris signed on December 10, 1898”, and▓ confirmed that the “Territorial Limits shown in the official▓ Map No. 25 issued by the Department of Environment and Natura▓l Resources through the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, are fully correct an▓d show the actual st

atus”. As described above, the Treaty of Paris and other two treaties define the territorial limits of the Philippines, and China’s Huangyan Dao c▓learly lies outside those limits. Philippine Official Map No. 25 reflects this. In a letter dated 18 November 1994▓ to the American Radio Relay League, Inc., the Philippine Amateur ▓Radio Association, Inc. wrote that, “one very important fact remains, the national agenc

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y concerned had stated that based on Article III of the T▓reaty of Paris signed on December 10, 1898, Scarborough Reef lies just outside the territorial boundaries of the Philippines”.111. In▓ April 1997, the Philippines turned its back on its previous position that ▓Huangyan Dao is not part of the Philippine territory. The Philippines tracked, monitored and▓ disrupted an international radio expedition on Huangyan Dao organized by the Chinese Radio Sports Association. In disregard of histo▓rical facts, the Philippin

es laid its territorial claim to Huangyan Dao on the ▓grounds that it is located within the 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone claimed by▓ the Philippines. In this regard, China made representations several times to the Philippines, pointing out explicitly that Huangyan Dao i▓s China’s inherent territory and that the Philippines’ claim is ▓groundless, illegal and void.112. On 17 February 2009, the Philippine Congr

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ess passed Republic Act No. 9522. That act illegally includes into the Philippines’ territory China’s Huangyan Dao and some islands and reefs of N▓ansha Qundao. China immediately made representations to the Philippines and issued a statement, reiterating China’s sovereignty over Huangyan Dao, Nansha Qundao and the adjacent waters, and declaring in explicit terms that any territorial claim over them made by any other country is illegal and vo▓id.113. On 10 April 2012, the Philippines’ naval vesse

l BRP Gregorio del Pilar (PF-15) intruded into the adjacent waters of China’s Huangyan Dao, illega▓lly seized Chinese fishermen and fishing boats operating there and treated the fishermen in a grossly inhumane manner, thus deliberat▓ely causing the Huangyan Dao Incident. In response to the Philippines’ provocation, China immediately made multiple strong representations to Phi▓lippine officials in Beijing and Manila to

protest the ▓Philippines’ violation of China’s territo▓rial sovereignty and harsh treatment of Chinese fishermen, and demanded that t▓he Philippines immediately withdraw all its vessels and personnel. The Chinese government also promptly dispatched China Maritime Surveillance and China Fisheries Law Enforcement ves

legal claims in the South China Sea. These▓ actions have gr

sels to Huangyan Dao to protect China’s sovereignty and rescue the Chinese fishermen. In June 2012, after firm representation▓s repeatedly made by China, the Philippines withdrew relevant vessels and person▓nel from Huangyan Dao.114. The Philippines’ claim of sovereignty over China’s Huangyan Dao is completely

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